About Me

I am a photographer that has been on a journey from interested beginner to hobbyist to enthusiast. And now I am sharing my work with you. I live in the fabulous metro area of Minneapolis, MN with my wonderful husband of 19 years. I am lucky to live in such a beautiful area with so much inspiration and to have a 'day job' that allows me the flexibility to take advantage of great photographic opportunities when they arise.
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What I Do

I have a passion for capturing nature, still life compositions, and even food, to show off the textures and colors of the world around us. I love macro photography as a way to celebrate details and showcase what drew me to the subject.

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Latest Shoots

Sometimes, creative ideas can strike at the most unlikely times. While dealing with a recent head cold, I was not feeling super inspired. I decided to just do some editing but then I looked at this bucket sitting on one of my prop tables and the idea came to me to do this shot. Looking through the view finder, I was so excited. And it turns out that is is my best performing photo on Instagram to date!