Lewis Creek in Lakeport, MI

Dividing the former dairy farm property where my parents built their home is a small creek. There are so many fond memories of growing up there that I am certain shaped my love of nature and the peacefulness of just being outdoors. Some of my first serious photographs were of leaves and flowers.

But we never actually knew if the creek had a name so we set out to research and find out. My dad, excited to help me with this task, started making phone calls. After contacting Drain Commission employees, who had to research back to maps from the mid-1800's, we learned the official name: Lewis Creek.

And Lewis Creek Photography was born.

Lewis Creek Photography

My photography has had many influences from my life experiences...the place where I grew up, my grandfather who reveled in snapping photos at every gathering, and my aunt who travels the globe with camera in hand. I can still remember looking at the photos with awe and thinking about how much I wanted to be able to do that. So perhaps my passion for photography was destiny.

Lewis Creek Photography is my way of sharing my perspective of the things around us with you. It could be the simple texture of a leaf, the vibrant color of a flower, or the gooey appeal of a chocolate chip cookie. Please enjoy and click on the contact tab to send any questions or comments.